Welcome to, your one-stop shop for everything happening in the vibrant Thumb region of Michigan! Our dedicated team strives to deliver comprehensive and engaging local news coverage, keeping you informed, connected, and in the loop about the issues that matter most to our community.

Community News:

At the heart of lies our deep commitment to covering the stories that shape the lives of our neighbors. We proudly report on local high school sports, capturing the excitement and dedication of our young athletes. Whether it’s the nail-biting final seconds of a basketball game or the unwavering spirit of cross-country runners, we bring you the stories that celebrate the talent and passion of our future generation.

Our commitment extends beyond the athletic field, delving into the legal proceedings of our communities. We report on court cases with fairness and accuracy, ensuring our readers understand the legal landscape and its impact on our local environment. We also take immense pride in highlighting the numerous community events that bring our residents together. From local festivals and farmers markets to charitable endeavors and fundraising initiatives, we showcase the vibrant spirit of collaboration and unity that defines our region.

Beyond the celebratory news, we believe in fostering a platform for open communication and public safety awareness. We share crucial announcements from local authorities, keeping our community informed about potential hazards, important regulations, and preventative measures. Additionally, we honor the lives of those who have passed away by publishing obituaries, allowing the community to remember and celebrate their contributions.

Government & Politics: recognizes the importance of transparency in governance. We strive to provide comprehensive coverage of local government meetings, allowing residents to stay informed about policy decisions, infrastructure updates, and budget allocations. This commitment extends to election season, where we offer in-depth coverage of candidates’ platforms, debates, and election results, empowering our readers to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Business & Economy:

Understanding the economic pulse of our community is crucial. We actively report on local business news, highlighting the successes and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. We also cover economic development initiatives, keeping residents informed about investment opportunities and job creation efforts.

Opinion & Editorials: values the diverse perspectives that shape our community. We provide a platform for residents to share their opinions and engage in thoughtful discussions through our “Opinion & Editorials” section. This section features letters to the editor and guest columns, offering a variety of viewpoints on local issues.

Entertainment & Lifestyle:

Life in the Thumb is not all about work and serious matters. We believe in celebrating the leisure and entertainment options available to our residents. Our “Entertainment & Lifestyle” section highlights upcoming events at local theaters, museums, and art galleries. We also feature articles on local artists, musicians, and performers, showcasing the diverse talent within our community.

Weather & Environment:

Staying informed about the weather is crucial in Michigan’s ever-changing climate. We provide local weather forecasts, keeping our readers prepared for rain or shine, snow or heat. Additionally, we recognize the importance of environmental issues and strive to provide informative articles on local environmental initiatives, challenges, and conservation efforts.

Advertising & Classifieds: offers a valuable platform for local businesses to connect with potential customers. Our advertising and classifieds section allows businesses to promote their products and services, while residents can browse for job openings, used goods, and other local services.

Conclusion: is more than just a website; it’s a community hub, a platform for informed discussions, and a window into the heart and soul of the Thumb region. We are dedicated to serving our community with integrity, accuracy, and a commitment to fostering a vibrant, informed, and connected citizenry. We invite you to explore our website and become part of the community. FAQs:

1. How can I submit news tips or stories to

We encourage readers to submit news tips or story ideas through our website’s contact form or by emailing us directly.

2. Does offer historical archives of past news articles?

Yes, we maintain an archive of past news articles searchable by date, keyword, or topic.

3. Can I subscribe to receive email notifications for breaking news?

Currently, we don’t offer email notifications, but you can follow our social media pages or visit our website regularly for the latest updates.

4. Does offer mobile app versions for news access?

We are currently working on developing a mobile app for easier access to local news on the go.

5. Who owns and operates is operated by a dedicated team of local journalists and community members committed to serving the Thumb region.

6. Does accept donations to support its operations?

While we appreciate your support, is not currently accepting donations. We focus on maintaining a financially independent and unbiased news platform.

7. Can I advertise my local business on

Absolutely! We offer various advertising options on our website and through our print partners. Please visit our website’s “Advertise with Us” section for more information.

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