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In the ever-expanding realm of fantasy and crafting within the gaming universe, the Greater Ensouled Thread has emerged as a captivating element, offering both practicality and a touch of the mystical.

Released on 7 August 2023, this unique crafting material has woven its way into the intricate tapestry of in-game experiences, offering players a chance to engage with the underworld energy it carries.

This article delves into the various facets of the Greater Ensouled Thread, exploring its historical background, properties, uses, and its impact on virtual fashion, spirituality, and art.

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What is Greater Ensouled Thread?

The Greater Ensouled Thread is a crafting material introduced in a game update, specifically designed for crafting tier 80 and tier 90 Deathwarden and Deathdealer robe armor. Infused with underworld energy, this high-tier spool of thread becomes a pivotal component in the virtual world, contributing to the enhancement of players’ in-game attire.

Historical Background:

The Greater Ensouled Thread made its debut on 7 August 2023, adding a new layer of complexity to the gaming experience. Its introduction brought about changes in crafting dynamics, offering players the opportunity to upgrade their armor sets to higher tiers, thereby enhancing their in-game capabilities.

Properties of Greater Ensouled Threads:

This crafting material possesses unique properties, making it stand out in the gaming world. With non-tradable and non-equipable characteristics, the thread is stackable and can be disassembled. Its destruction results in dropping, emphasizing its ephemeral nature.

Description and Uses:

The Greater Ensouled Thread is described as a high-tier spool of thread, imbued with underworld energy. Its primary purpose is to be utilized in the creation of advanced Deathwarden and Deathdealer robe armor sets. Crafted through the algarum thread and a Necromancy ritual, this thread plays a crucial role in upgrading armor from tier 70 to tier 90.

Crafting and Production:

The production of Greater Ensouled Thread involves a meticulous process. With a Necromancy level of 80 and specific quest requirements, players can create this material using algarum thread, Elemental II, Change II, and Basic Ritual Candle. The cost and effort invested in its creation contribute to its significance in the gaming economy.

Ensouled Threads in Fashion:

In the virtual world, fashion is not merely about aesthetics; it is a reflection of a player’s progress and capabilities. The introduction of the Greater Ensouled Thread has elevated virtual fashion, providing players with the opportunity to don powerful armor sets that showcase their dedication and prowess.

Applications of Greater Ensouled Thread:

1. Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning:

Beyond its practical use, the Greater Ensouled Thread carries a spiritual and symbolic meaning in the gaming context. Infused with underworld energy, it symbolizes a connection to mystical forces, adding a layer of depth to the crafting experience.

2. Ensouled Threads in Art:

As players engage in the creation of virtual armor sets using the Greater Ensouled Thread, a form of artistry unfolds. The intricate designs and the symbolism embedded in each crafted piece contribute to the artistic expression within the gaming world.

3. Sustainable Practices:

The virtual world mirrors real-world concerns, and sustainable practices have found their way into gaming. Crafting with the Greater Ensouled Thread prompts players to consider the environmental impact of their choices, fostering a sense of responsibility within the gaming community.

Challenges and Controversies:

While the Greater Ensouled Thread has brought innovation to the gaming landscape, it has not been without challenges and controversies. Balancing the virtual economy, addressing potential exploits, and maintaining fairness among players present ongoing considerations for game developers.

As gaming continues to evolve, the Greater Ensouled Thread may undergo further enhancements or find new applications. Future trends in crafting and virtual economies may see the thread playing a more dynamic role, influencing the in-game experiences of players.

How to Obtain Greater Ensouled Threads:

Obtaining the Greater Ensouled Thread involves a combination of specific crafting processes, quest completions, and meeting level requirements. The journey to obtain this crafting material adds a layer of excitement to the overall gaming experience.

Testimonials and User Experiences:

In the gaming community, player testimonials and experiences with the Greater Ensouled Thread offer insights into its impact. Stories of successful armor upgrades, strategic utilization, and memorable in-game moments contribute to the rich tapestry of player narratives.

Ensouled Threads in Pop Culture:

The influence of the Greater Ensouled Thread extends beyond the gaming realm and into pop culture. References to its mystical properties, crafting significance, and in-game achievements find their way into discussions, fan art, and online communities.


In conclusion, the Greater Ensouled Thread stands as more than just a crafting material; it is a symbol of innovation, creativity, and the ever-evolving nature of gaming.

Its incorporation into virtual fashion, spirituality, art, and sustainable practices demonstrates the depth of impact that a seemingly simple crafting material can have on the gaming experience. As players continue to explore the virtual realms, the Greater Ensouled Thread will remain a thread woven into the fabric of their gaming adventures.


1. What is the purpose of the Greater Ensouled Thread in the game?

The Greater Ensouled Thread is a crafting material used to upgrade Deathwarden and Deathdealer robe armor to higher tiers (80 and 90) in the game.

2. Can the Greater Ensouled Thread be traded or sold to other players?

No, the Greater Ensouled Thread is non-tradeable, emphasizing its personal crafting significance in the game.

3. How is the Greater Ensouled Thread created in the game?

Players can create the Greater Ensouled Thread by using algarum thread in the Necromancy ritual, requiring level 80 Necromancy.

While not required, it’s recommended to wait until level 99 Necromancy for optimal crafting efficiency and Multiply III glyphs boost.

5. What is the spiritual significance of the Greater Ensouled Thread in the game?

The thread is imbued with underworld energy, symbolizing a connection to mystical forces, adding depth to the crafting experience.

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