Limelight Customer Care Number

Limeline customer care number:

In today’s competitive retail landscape, exceptional customer service remains a key differentiator. Recognizing this, Limelight, a leading fashion brand in Pakistan, prioritizes offering a smooth and responsive experience to its valued customers. At the heart of this commitment lies the Limeline customer care number, a readily available avenue for addressing inquiries, resolving concerns, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Importance of Customer Care:

Customer care transcends mere transaction handling. It’s about building trust, fostering loyalty, and creating a positive brand perception. A dedicated customer care team acts as a bridge between the brand and its customers, ensuring a seamless journey at every touchpoint.

The Significance of a Customer Care Number:

The Limeline customer care number serves as a direct and convenient gateway for customers to connect with the brand. Whether it’s a simple sizing query, a return and exchange request, or a product-related concern, the phone line provides a direct channel for immediate assistance. This accessibility enhances customer confidence and empowers them to seek clarification or resolution promptly.

Limeline Customer Care Number: How to Find It

Finding the Limelight customer care number is easy. Here are the key ways:

  • Limelight website: The number is prominently displayed on the “Contact Us” page of the official Limelight website (
  • Packaging and receipts: The care number is often printed on product packaging slips and purchase receipts, offering easy access for immediate inquiries.
  • Social media platforms: Limelight’s official social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) typically provide the care number in their contact information section.

Current Limeline Customer Care Number: +92 42 32595992

Benefits of Contacting Limelight Customer Care

Reaching out to Limelight customer care offers several advantages:

  • Prompt resolution: Trained representatives address your concerns efficiently, aiming for a swift and satisfactory resolution.
  • Personalized assistance: The team provides individual attention to understand your specific needs and offer tailored solutions.
  • Product information: Representatives possess in-depth knowledge of Limelight’s products, offering valuable insights and guidance.
  • Feedback channel: Sharing your experience, positive or negative, helps Limelight improve its offerings and customer service.

Tips for Effective Communication with Limelight Customer Care:

To ensure a productive conversation with Limelight customer care, remember these tips:

  • Be clear and concise: State your concern or query directly and provide relevant details like order numbers or product information.
  • Be respectful and patient: Treat the representative with courtesy and understanding, acknowledging their efforts to assist you.
  • Have your information ready: Keep order details, product codes, or relevant documents handy for quicker assistance.
  • Note down key points: jot down important information provided by the representative for future reference.

Common Issues Resolved by Limelight Customer Care:

The Limeline customer care team is equipped to handle a wide range of customer inquiries, including:

  • Order inquiries: Tracking orders, checking availability, modifying or canceling orders.
  • Payment issues: Addressing payment concerns, clarifying billing details, and resolving discrepancies.
  • Product concerns: Answering product-related questions, providing size guidance, and addressing quality issues.
  • Return and exchange: Guiding customers through the return and exchange process, clarifying policies, and assisting with requests.
  • Feedback and suggestions: Providing customers with a platform to share their feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Alternative Contact Methods:

While the phone number remains the primary contact point, Limelight offers alternative methods:

  • Email: Customers can send detailed inquiries or concerns via email to
  • Live chat: The website offers a live chat option for real-time assistance during designated hours.
  • Social media: Direct messages on Limelight’s social media platforms can be used for basic inquiries.

Importance of Feedback:

Limelight customer care actively seeks feedback to enhance its services and address customer needs effectively. Sharing your experience, positive or negative, helps the brand improve its offerings and tailor its approach to customer satisfaction.


The Limeline customer care number stands as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to creating a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for its customers. By utilizing this resource effectively, customers can expect prompt assistance, personalized solutions, and a platform to voice their feedback. Remember, open communication and respectful interaction are key to maximizing the benefits of Limeline’s dedicated customer care service.

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