Apple’s next iPad Pro 5G is shrouded in speculation, but rumors hint at a potential powerhouse. A larger display, exceeding the current 12.9 inches, could offer an even more immersive experience. The current Liquid Retina display might be swapped for an OLED panel, boasting deeper blacks and potentially improved battery efficiency. 

The next generation of Apple’s iPad Pro continues to spark speculation and excitement. While the current 2022 model boasts impressive M2 chip performance and 5G connectivity, whispers of an even more powerful and feature-rich iteration are swirling. This article delves into the rumors surrounding the potential iPad Pro 5G, exploring its anticipated features, design enhancements, and potential release date.

Overview of the iPad Pro Series

Apple’s iPad Pro series sits at the pinnacle of their tablet offerings. Positioned as a professional-grade device, it caters to artists, designers, students, and anyone seeking a powerful mobile computing experience.  The current iPad Pro boasts a sleek, slim design, a vibrant Liquid Retina display (standard or mini-LED), and the aforementioned M2 chip.

Background on 5G Technology

5G (fifth generation) wireless technology signifies a significant leap in mobile data speeds. Compared to its predecessor, 4G, 5G offers vastly improved download and upload rates, enabling faster content streaming, smoother cloud gaming, and near-instantaneous file transfers.

Rumored Features of the iPad Pro 5G

While official details are scarce, several rumors regarding the upcoming iPad Pro 5G have emerged:

  • Larger Display: Sources suggest a potential increase in screen size, exceeding the current 12.9-inch model. This aligns with Apple’s tendency to push boundaries and cater to users seeking an even more immersive tablet experience.
  • OLED Display: A shift from the current Liquid Retina display technology to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) panels is a possibility. OLED displays offer superior contrast ratios, deeper blacks, and potentially improved battery efficiency.
  • M3 or M4 Chip: The current M2 chip might be superseded by the next iteration in Apple’s M-series processors, the M3 or even the M4. This would translate to enhanced processing power and improved graphics capabilities.
  • Improved Cameras: Upgraded camera systems are a recurring rumor. While the current iPad Pro offers competent cameras, a potential increase in megapixels, improved low-light performance, and the inclusion of LiDAR scanning technology could further elevate the device’s multimedia prowess.

Discussion on the Source of the Rumors (Digitimes)

It’s crucial to acknowledge the source of these rumors. Digitimes, an industry publication with a mixed track record, often relies on information from Asian supply chains. While their reports can sometimes offer valuable insights, they should be treated with a degree of caution due to the possibility of inaccuracies or misinterpretations.

Design Changes and Enhancements

Beyond the potential display upgrade, rumors regarding significant design overhauls are scarce.  Apple often adopts a strategy of iterative refinement, focusing on internal upgrades rather than radical design changes. However, the possibility of subtle design tweaks, such as adjustments to speaker placement or the introduction of new color options, cannot be entirely ruled out.

Software Features and Capabilities

The next iPad Pro is expected to launch with the latest iteration of iPadOS, Apple’s operating system specifically designed for tablets. This likely includes improvements to multitasking capabilities, enhanced Apple Pencil integration, and the potential for features tailored to leverage the rumored hardware upgrades.

Potential Release Date and Pricing

Given the current lack of official information, pinpointing a precise release date is challenging.  However, considering Apple’s typical release cycle for the iPad Pro, a timeframe between March and June 2024 seems plausible.  Pricing details are similarly unknown, but it’s safe to assume the iPad Pro 5G will carry a premium price tag, potentially exceeding the cost of the current model.

Analysis of Apple’s Strategy and Past Product Releases

Apple strategically positions the iPad Pro as a powerful and versatile device. Past releases have demonstrated a focus on incremental improvements in processing power, display technology, and camera capabilities. The rumored features align with this strategy, suggesting a continued emphasis on pushing the boundaries of mobile computing.

Comparisons to Competitors:

The iPad Pro faces competition from other high-end tablets, primarily Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S series and Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S series: These Android-powered tablets boast impressive displays, powerful processors, and S Pen support. However, the app ecosystem on Android tablets might not be as robust as Apple’s iPadOS, potentially hindering the creative workflow for some users.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro: Running on Windows 11, the Surface Pro offers a full desktop experience, making it a compelling option for professionals who require PC-level functionality. However, the Surface Pro can be bulkier and pricier than the iPad Pro.

The rumored larger display and potential M3/M4 chip in the iPad Pro 5G could solidify its position as a leader in the high-end tablet market. However, the final specifications and pricing will determine how effectively it competes against established rivals.

Potential Impact on the Creative Industry:

The creative industry heavily relies on powerful and versatile devices. The rumored features of the iPad Pro 5G hold immense potential for creative professionals:

  • Larger display: Artists, designers, and editors would benefit from a more expansive canvas for their work.
  • OLED display: The superior contrast and deeper blacks offered by OLED technology could enhance the visual experience for tasks like photo and video editing.
  • M3/M4 chip: Increased processing power would translate to smoother performance when handling demanding creative applications.
  • Improved cameras: Enhanced camera capabilities could make the iPad Pro an even more viable option for content creators who rely on the device for photography and videography.

While other factors like software optimization and Apple Pencil integration also play a crucial role, the rumored upgrades in the iPad Pro 5G position it as a potentially significant advancement for creative professionals seeking a mobile workstation.

Addressing Concerns and Cautions

  • Battery life: A larger display and potentially more powerful chip might raise concerns about battery life. Apple will need to ensure efficient power management to maintain the portability and usability expected from a tablet.
  • Software optimization: Taking full advantage of a larger display and a powerful chip hinges on optimized software. Apple must ensure that iPadOS effectively utilizes the rumored hardware upgrades to deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Price point: The rumored features suggest a premium device. Apple will need to carefully consider the pricing strategy to ensure the iPad Pro 5G remains competitive within the high-end tablet market.

Looking Ahead

The rumors surrounding the iPad Pro 5G paint an exciting picture. While the information remains unconfirmed, the potential for a larger display, OLED technology, and an even more powerful chip signifies a potential leap forward in mobile computing.


While the information  surrounding the iPad Pro 5G remains primarily in the realm of speculation, the rumors paint a picture of a potentially groundbreaking device. A larger display, the adoption of OLED technology, and an even more powerful chip would undoubtedly enhance the user experience. However, it’s essential to remember that these are just rumors, and official details from Apple are awaited.

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