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The fintech landscape in Africa has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with Flutterwave standing out as a key player in online payments. However, the emergence of a scandal has cast a shadow over its reputation and leadership.

In this article, we delve into the Flutterwave scandal, exploring the overview of the company, the genesis of the scandal, and the serious allegations leveled against its co-founder and CEO, Olugbenga Agboola.

Overview of Flutterwave:

Flutterwave, founded in 2016, has been a trailblazer in providing payment infrastructure for global merchants and service providers. With a valuation of over $3 billion, it has played a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s fintech landscape. The company’s success has been marked by strategic innovations and a commitment to facilitating seamless financial transactions across the continent and beyond.

Emergence of the Scandal:

The first whispers of trouble began when Kenya’s Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) alleged suspicious transactions by Flutterwave, leading to the freezing of bank accounts worth $43 million. This sent shockwaves through the fintech industry, especially in Kenya, a vital market for Flutterwave due to its innovative and tech-savvy population.

Allegations Against Olugbenga Agboola:

Phantom Co-founder Identity:

The scandal deepened as allegations surfaced that Olugbenga Agboola created a phantom co-founder identity to secure more company shares. This revelation raises questions about the transparency and ethical practices within the company’s leadership.

Offering Share Prices Below Valuation:

Allegations Against Olugbenga Agboola:

Another troubling accusation suggests that Agboola offered share prices far below Flutterwave’s actual valuation to employees seeking to cash in on their vested options. This raises concerns about fairness and ethical conduct in the company’s financial dealings.

Intensity of the Scandal:

David Hundeyin’s Involvement:

The scandal took a more intense turn with the involvement of Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin. His newsletter not only highlighted the initial allegations but also claimed to possess top documents and recordings, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

Top Documents and Recordings:

Hundeyin’s claim to have access to crucial documents and recordings suggests that there may be more to the scandal than initially revealed. The potential for further revelations creates an atmosphere of anticipation and uncertainty surrounding Flutterwave and Agboola.

Additional Allegations:

Agboola’s Dual Employment:

The scandal takes a surprising turn with allegations that Agboola was working full-time with his previous employer, Access Bank, while holding a position at Flutterwave. This dual employment raises ethical concerns about potential conflicts of interest and misuse of resources.

Inappropriate Relationships:

Reports suggest that Agboola has been involved in sexual relationships with subordinate female staff at Flutterwave. These allegations, if true, not only raise ethical questions about workplace conduct but also highlight potential abuses of power within the company.

Misuse of Access Bank Assets:

Accusations of Agboola misusing assets from Access Bank further tarnish his reputation. The misuse of accessible assets from a previous employer raises legal and ethical questions about Agboola’s actions and decisions within the financial sphere.

Origins and Outage of the Scandal:

The scandal gained momentum when Clara Wanjiku Odero, former head of implementation at Flutterwave, posted an explosive article on Medium. She detailed harassment by Agboola, the struggle to receive her dues after leaving the company, and negligence by Flutterwave leading to her investigation by the Kenyan police.

Origins and Outage of the Scandal:

Employee Perspectives:

Former employees, fearing repercussions, corroborated Odero’s claims, revealing a culture of bullying, inappropriate relationships between managers and subordinates, underpayment of departing employees for stock options, and deliberate administrative errors creating legal issues for those leaving the company.

Flutterwave’s Response:

In response to the allegations, a Flutterwave spokesperson emailed the Rest of World, dismissing most claims as fabricated lies or recycled issues. The spokesperson emphasized the company’s robust HR policies that evolve to ensure justice across all levels of employees and staff.

Previous Reputation of Flutterwave and Agboola:

Before the scandal, Flutterwave and Agboola enjoyed a strong reputation in the fintech industry. Flutterwave’s market standing, valued at over $3 billion, and Agboola’s recognition and awards, including being named in major business listings, added to their credibility.

Impact on Growth & Reputation:

The scandal has serious implications for Flutterwave’s growth and reputation. Repercussions on the company, foreign investors reevaluating their plans in Nigeria, and the potential threat to other Nigerian startups highlight the far-reaching consequences of the unfolding scandal.


As the Flutterwave scandal continues to unravel, the fintech giant faces a critical juncture in its journey. The allegations, intensity, and potential impact on growth and reputation underscore the challenges that companies in highly regulated markets must navigate.

The true extent of the scandal and its aftermath will likely shape the future trajectory of Flutterwave and serve as a cautionary tale for the broader fintech industry.

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